AHEPA Chapter#59

Credit Card Payments
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Happy Birthday AHEPA Family

Happy Birthday to the members of the AHEPA Family born in September!

1st Athena Antoniades      9th Virginia Ballas     21st William Nicholas
1st Theodore Theodosiou    9th Phillip Elefter     22nd John Heropoulos
1st Bill Zantopulos       10th Peter Eliades       23rd Tina Bolon
3rd Yianni Spondyl        11th Katherine Kapalko   23rd Vasilios Stamatelopoulos
6th Aris Kaplanis         11th Stathie Beoglos     24th Ted Rath
7th Susie Manos           11th Stephanie Likouris  25th George Calandros
7th Joanna Volas          12th John Karipides      26th Dina Fakelis
8th George Foradis        15th Sherry Moscariello  28th John Tarzan
8th Steve Stamoules       19th Stephanie Nastoff   29th Theoharis Jordanides
8th Mary Trifelos         20th Greg Kandis         30th George J. Georgiades