AHEPA Chapter#59

Credit Card Payments
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Happy Birthday AHEPA Family

Happy Birthday to the members of the AHEPA Family born in August!

1st Marcie Stanley     10th Alexandros Mantalis    20th Sophie Usner
5th Eleni Manos        11th Allison Sarris         23rd Peggy Hatzakis
5th Brian Thomas       12th Argery Giavasis        23rd Maria Stasis-Wilson
5th Carolyn Varlamos   13th Tasos Kalantzis        24th Steven Stamoules
6th Shari Shiepis      14th Clara Stasis           25th Dr. Chrys Wesdemiotis
7th Voula Kandis       16th Ann Kalagides          26th John A. Poulos
7th Frankie Kaye       16th Dean Xides             27th John Kellamis
7th Bill Poulos Jr.    17th Sophia Effantis        27th Nancy Xides
9th Jim Aslanides      17th Harry Jordanides       28th Lisa Steed
9th Tyler Conklin      19th John Papadopoulos      28th Anthony Zorbas
9th Stella Vallos                                  30th Frank Ifantiedes