AHEPA Chapter#59

Credit Card Payments
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Happy Birthday AHEPA Family

Happy Birthday to the members of the AHEPA Family born in November

1st James Langos        8th Maria Likouris      21st John Anderson Jr.
1st Angie Zoumberakis  10th Kostadinos Fakelis  21st Steve Antoniades
3rd Bill Poulos III    11th George Maier        21st Sia Pope
4th Chris Kellamis     13th John Regas          21st Nick Ramphos
6th Phil G. Giavasis   14th Anthony Ramphos     22nd Giovanni Tortora
6th Peter Papacostas   15th Anthony Delis       23rd Costas M. Paxos
6th Paul Regopoulos    16th Paris Apostolou     25th Ann Cazantzes
7th Missy Pitinii      17th Matthew Karipides   25th William Withers
8th Mario Gaitanos     18th Stacy Lawson        27th Theodore Fillis
8th Beth Lambos        19th Eleni Esber         28th Panagis Noussias