AHEPA Chapter#59


Supreme Convention 2018, Atlantic City, NJ

2018 Debutantes Ball, St. Haralambas Church, Canton, OH
; Flag Raising Greek Independence Day 2018, Canton, OH Square

Greek Independence Day, Columbus, OH Square 2018

District 11 District Lodge 2017 & Daughters

Delegatges District Convention 2017

Pictured: Paul Koskovich,Phil Giavasis Sr., Peter Bournelis, Demetri Xides, Tasos Kiskoridis

AHEPAN of the Year-2017 Buckeye District 11 -Pete Bournelis

90th Anniversary Celebration

Raffle Winners: 1st Place) Commissioner Richard Regula-$8000.00, 2nd Place) Lisa Georgiades-$1000.00, 3rd Place) Mike G. Manos-$1000.00

Scholarship Recipients 2017 Golf Outing some present at Outing, Supreme Secretary Carl Hollister pictured with some Scholarship winners

Pictured here are: Nicolette Athans, Athina Lawson, George Kiriakou, and Carl Hollister

Not Present Scholarship Winners include: Francis Kaye, Kaitlin Kaye, Alessandra Koinoglou, Michael Rath, Allison Rath, Hannah Eliades, and Anna Grunder.

Winning Team 28th Gus Mageras Memorial Golf Outing: Kosta Kalantzis, Mike Paxos, Mike Morgan, and Joe Depasquale